Feldenkrais is for fit bodies, hurt bodies, young bodies, old bodies. It's for every body that wants to learn.

When I reflect, I realize that I've been a teacher much of my life. Being the oldest of five children was possibly the start! 
I've taught people how to ride motorcycles, use computers, start businesses, and manage to be happier on less money. All of these were sort of spontaneous, as the need arose, even if they turned into careers.
My introduction to Feldenkrais in 2009 sparked a thirst, it lead me to find ways to be able to afford and do the 4 year training in NYC. Since graduation in 2015 I've spent my spare time teaching a variety of people with a wider variety of reasons for approaching body work.

About Gillian

Feldenkrais® is  way of connecting your mind to your body more completely.

Feldenkrais Method of Somatic Education (that's the official name!) has been described as:

"yoga on training wheels"

"soft, gentle physiotherapy"

"the most active meditation I've ever done." 

All can be true. It's been around for over 70 years and is taught in countries all around the world.

For a visual introduction to Feldenkrais, take a look at this  video!