Do less

Pay attention


Listen to what my touch says


Be curious

Lie on the floor


Go slowly

Do only what feels easy


Feel your body

Release judgement

Awareness Through Movement

These classes are held in groups, and I verbally guide you through the movements.

There is no competition, even with yourself. You are asked to suspend judgement, and just be curious about what you can do.

All that is required of you is that you come in comfortable clothes that allow easy movement, and listen to the instructions of "Rest" "Do less" "Breathe" and note how you feel.

Feldenkrais is inexpensive. Usually the price is $10.

Functional Integration

This is your chance to do very little.  After a  conversation about what you'd like to experience differently, I move parts of you slowly, gently, and lightly. While this is being done, you are  lying fully clothed on a table, and as comfortable as possible. This allows your nervous system to relax, and absorb new information. If you're uncomfortable lying down the lessons can be done seated, standing or any combination!

The results can be surprising, with almost all clients enjoying greater range of motion and/or greatly reduced tension.

These lessons are by appointment and generally come after you've experienced a group class.

The rate of $60 (nationally rates are $95-185) is designed to make these accessible. If price is a real issue, I make adaptions.